5 Ways to Enjoy a Summer Baby Shower

You are a few weeks away from meeting your little bundle of joy, and what greater way to celebrate than a baby shower.

These events are all about celebrating the delivery of a child and the transformation of a woman into a mother, though many women have felt like a mother since the first day of pregnancy.

But hosting a baby shower can be demanding, even more if it is during summer.

Being pregnant during summer may cause some discomfort, and not only because it’s hot outside. As the progesterone hormone increases, the body temperature increases, quickly causing overheating.

The heat and the humidity will most likely make pregnant women feel bad and have mood swings, which are not a good combo when hosting such a special event.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy your baby shower during summer.

1-. Avoid Sunlight and Stay Hydrated

Try to avoid direct sunlight.

You can do it as simple as having your baby shower inside a closed space. But if you want it to be outside, do it in the morning or after the sun has set. That way, you won’t have to hide from daylight constantly.

But wherever you decide to celebrate, stay hydrated. Keep up with your water intake, or if you are outside, drink low-sugar electrolyte fluids.

2-. Use Sunscreen

Speaking of hiding yourself from the sun, remember to use sunscreen.

Use it every time you go out, remember always to cover your face, and be sure to reapply it, especially if you sweat. Also, we recommend you buy a brand with at least SPF 30.

3-. Use Spritz Water

A simple and good recommendation is always to carry a spritz of water.

Having water readily available will allow you to spray yourself every now and then to cool down your body temperature and feel fresh. We recommend this, especially if you will host your baby shower outdoors.

As an extra recommendation, remember to set fans around the place. The heat won’t be as bad, and the water will feel even cooler against your skin.

4-. Make Healthy Food Choices

Appetite usually decreases during summer. Because protein it’s a must during pregnancy, it’s essential to keep up your protein intake.

We know you’ll be busy organizing your event and making sure everything goes as planned, but give time to yourself and eat. Something as simple as a well-made smoothie can help.

As for the food you’ll offer during the event, avoid foods that can spoil quickly for your safety. That way, if you give in to the cravings, you lower the risk that it has gone bad due to the heat.

5-. Dress For The Heat

Be comfortable and confident. Pregnancy is a great moment to celebrate your body, even more if it’s your baby shower.

Dress for the heat. Wear loose and breathable clothing. Something as cute and simple as a nursing dress plus some jewelry it’s perfect for the occasion.

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