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Maternity Clothes- Toronto moms and mom's-to-be, like yourself, are looking for maternity clothing that is fashionable and functional, which is why the first place they shop is Seven Women. We know you will be thrilled by the wide selection of maternity clothing and formal / bridal maternity dresses.

Pregnancy Clothing- When it’s time to add to your Toronto maternity wardrobe, you'll do yourself a favor  by including Seven Women on your list of maternity stores to checkout!  This dedicated maternity store offers a huge selection of pregnancy clothing. Whether you’re in the early stages or nearing your delivery date, we have numerous outfits that will be perfect for you.

Maternity Store-Many Toronto women often become discouraged when shopping at ordinary maternity stores due to their limited collection. That’s not the case at Seven Women, as we have one of the largest selections of quality and trendy maternity clothing available. Including international maternity lines like Seraphine and Tiffany Rose.

Maternity Wear-Who says maternity wear has to be dull and boring? Toronto women just like you are discovering the joy of shopping for maternity wear from Seven Women, thanks to our extensive selection of attractive outfits for all seasons.

Maternity Dresses-Face your Toronto work week in style by choosing one of our stylish maternity dresses. We have everything from casual, comfortable dresses to wear while running around town, to ones that are better suited for professional dressing needs and special occasions. And Toronto moms will love the comfortable maternity dresses.

Maternity Tops-For many Toronto expectant mothers, roomy maternity tops that still have quite a bit of shape to them are something they demand. You’ll find numerous styles that are perfect for layering or wearing with jeans, capris, or shorts and skirts. From your basic scoop tops that are great under a maternity suit, to chic maternity tops to wear out on date-night!

Maternity Jeans-Those stretchy jeans your mother wore when she was carrying you are now a thing of the past. Today’s maternity jeans found in our north Toronto maternity store have ample room to move, yet are stylish enough that you’ll be proud to wear them anywhere in Toronto.

Maternity Formal and Bridal-Formal events don’t stop just because you are pregnant. Toronto women like yourself can steal the show in one of our dazzling evening gowns that are perfect for formal dinners, dances, and other special events like your baby shower. Planning to get married and you're pregnant? Seven Women Toronto maternity store has beautiful and elegant maternity Bridal dresses and gowns that are affordable and don't require alterations.

Maternity Pants-Toronto women who are looking for maternity pants that will help them show off their curves come to Seven Women first. We have a dynamic selection available in a wide range of fabrics and styles to suit every fashionista’s taste.

Maternity Sweaters-Keep yourself and your baby warm through those harsh & damp Toronto winter days by stocking up on maternity sweaters from Seven Women. These maternity sweaters are perfect for wearing with leggings on days when you desire comfort but do not wish to sacrifice style.

Maternity Coats-Last year’s coat is unlikely to get you through the Toronto winter; however, Seven Women has numerous coats that will expand right along with your growing belly to ensure you are properly protected from the elements.

Maternity Jackets-For times when there is a cool Toronto breeze blowing from the lakeshore, one of our maternity jackets will help you knock off the chill. These jackets are perfect for any occasion, so you will want to wear them often.

Maternity Skirts-If you are someone who always feels her best in a skirt, you’ll definitely appreciate Seven Women selection of maternity skirts at the Toronto store. These skirts are perfect for your Toronto workplace, church, or even a fun evening out on the town.

Maternity Nursing Bras and Lingerie-Toronto women have learned that they can now feel feminine and beautiful even during pregnancy. Our collection of maternity lingerie will give you a much-needed boost, allowing you to feel attractive and self-confident, and comfortable.