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SEVEN WOMEN Maternity collaborates with prestigious TIFFANY ROSE Maternity to bring you their entire celebrite-approved collection Duty and Brokerage free!! As Canada's best maternity retailer we want to ensure all Canadian women have affordable access to the exquisit Tiffany Rose's maternity/bridal collection. We match their online prices and ship it to you with no additional duties and brokerage fees (just your local retail taxes). Simply contact us to enquire about the special ordering process and we'll walk you through a successful purchase of a timeless, handcrafted, designer dress MADE IN BRITAIN Just remember we are ranked as the best Maternity Store in TorontoTiffany Rose: Celebrity Maternity Fashion, Made in Britain TIFFANY ROSE: MADE IN BRITAINTiffany Rose say's it best: People often say that it's impossible to manufacture clothes in Britain any more. We're delighted to bring to you one brand has proved them wrong. Every single one of Tiffany Rose's stylish and glamorous garments is designed and produced in Britain. British clothing manufacture has a long tradition of quality and excellence. This means whenever you buy a Tiffany Rose maternity dress, you can be assured not only of beautiful British design but also of stunning quality, as it is produced here in Britain to our exacting standards. Tiffany Rose: Celebrity Maternity Fashion, Made in Britain ETHICALLY PRODUCED, MADE WITH LOVE We launched our maternity label with just one UK manufacturer, but thanks to our growth over the years Tiffany Rose now works with five talented garment specialists, each with a unique set of skills and specialist experience working with different fabrics such as premium jerseys, silks and chiffon. As customers ourselves we care a lot about how and where our clothing is made, and so we think it's somewhat appropriate that our maternity wear brand is breathing new life into an industry which was once one of Britain's largest providers of employment, especially for women. And with many of the essential skills being centred round the industrial heartlands of Britain where unemployment is relatively high, we are investing in talent that may otherwise be lost. OUR FABRICS As excited as we are to bring you British design and production, we have now turned to British fabric mills for the development of some of our most beautiful jerseys, which you will discover across the Collection. We are also delighted to announce the launch of our bespoke Jasmine Print Design © created by Tiffany Rose and printed in Britain. Nestled in the remote hills of middle England, our silk printers have been running since the 18th century when British manufacture and print was a thriving industry. Tiffany Rose: Celebrity Maternity Fashion, Made in Britain AN INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION Every Made in Britain label stitched into Tiffany Rose maternity dress means exactly that: each machine-stitched detail, every hand-gathered silk skirt, each flouncy hem and delicate touch of lace, is the craft of a seamstress here in Britain. The huge growth in our international sales over the years proves that Britain still has a valued reputation for quality with international customers.