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41 products

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life. However, there is no reason for a pregnant woman to put on some shapeless gowns and robes and forget about being a woman for six months. A modern woman has all the rights to be dressed in fashionable and beautiful clothes during her pregnancy and this is when maternity pants kick in. Maternity pants are an indispensable item of clothing. Properly fitted pants support the tummy and waist allowing a woman to do without a hot band support. And of course Maternity pants should offer you the perfect balance between comfort and style. Maternity capri leggings, tight and wide pants, classic maternity jeans: today it is possible to choose pants for every occasion. Nowadays, you can buy maternity pants that have a diverse texture, color and style. On our web-site in particular, you can find yoga pants to carry you through all of your pregnancy workout routines, formal pants to wear to work or on business trips, and even casual jogging pants that are stylish enough to wear out on a shopping trip, but comfortable enough to sleep in. From crops to capris to ankle-length and more, you can find everything you need on our website – and in a variety of colors and materials. We even have maternity shorts designed to cradle your belly, and you can find them in either denim or sateen to suit your own personal style.

Nevertheless, pants for the pregnant have one element that unites them all. It is the presence of an elastic band at the waist. What kinds of maternity pants are there? Pants for pregnant women come in high and low waist. Trousers with a low waist have an elastic band that supports the bottom of the tummy. Trousers with a high waist have an elastic band that supports the entire midsection. Pants with low waist will fit big bellies, or women who are medically required to wear a bandage. Capri pants with low waist are very comfortable in hot summer as they are not too hot to wear and the tummy does not sweat in them. Pants with a high waist fit the winter and autumn periods, as they support well a tummy and protect it from cold and wind.

When Should you Buy Maternity Pants

First of all, we should say that it is likely that you will need at least 2 pairs of pants. It all depends on how your figure will change and how much weight you will gain. You should buy your first pair of pants when the tummy is just beginning to grow. The second pair should be purchased by the beginning of the third trimester, when the tummy and the buttocks increase significantly in volume and the first pair of pants becomes uncomfortable. However, you should not rush to dispose of pants for pregnant women after childbirth - they are very comfortable to wear when walking with your child during the first few months, until the tummy goes back to its normal size.

How to Choose Maternity Pants For Pregnant Women

The first rule when choosing pants for pregnant women is that your new pants should not be too tight on you. Do not ever buy pants with the hope that they will strain or stretch, etc. Keep in mind that maternity wear should be comfortable! The second rule when choosing pants is that you should pay attention to the quality of the elastic supporting band. It should not be too tight or weak. It should be able to support your tummy quite well, but in any case it should not put pressure on it!

Seven Women offers a great number of maternity pants to choose from: whether you prefer a style that hugs your baby bump or carefully covers it, you can find them all right here. Our maternity pants range from stylish tailored options that pair just as well with a dressy top as they do your favorite graphic tee to form-fitting legging styles that show off your gorgeous curves. Although, finding maternity pants to fit your lifestyle can be  something of a challenge, but with our numerous options like  maternity dress pants, work pants, skinny pants, classic maternity trousers & other bottoms, we make it easy.