Maternity Clothes Montreal for moms and mom's-to-be looking for gender reveal maternity dresses, or baby shower dresses. Or you are looking for maternity career clothes or a maternity gown that is fashionable and functional, which is why the first place they shop is Seven Women. Women who are expecting do not have to settle for baggy, unattractive clothing, when they can easily visit Seven Women, a leading provider of maternity clothing for discerning shoppers. CALL US AT (438) 793-9679

Pregnancy Clothing: The right pregnancy clothing can go a long way toward boosting spirits and keeping Montreal women as comfortable as possible. Those looking for stylish pregnancy clothing at an affordable price should visit Seven Women.

Maternity Store: Seven Women is a one-stop maternity store in the Montreal area, serving expectant mothers who wish to make shopping for clothes something they can look forward to rather than being a task that they dread.

Maternity Wear: Montreal women are now demanding stylish maternity wear at an affordable price, which is something that Seven Women takes great pride in offering to all their customers.

Maternity Dresses: Add a few of our maternity dresses to your wardrobe so that you’ll be ready for any Montreal occasion. Whether you prefer casual dresses for wearing at the beach or career styles that are better for the office, Seven Women has got you covered.

Maternity Tops: As an expectant mother, one of the first upgrades you’ll want to add to your wardrobe are new maternity tops. Our huge selection will allow you to go out and about in Montreal in style, even if you are not yet showing.

Maternity Jeans: Maternity jeans are a staple for any Montreal woman’s wardrobe while she is expecting. You’ll be proud to wear our jeans because they look like the ones you were wearing before you became pregnant, yet have additional features included to ensure your comfort.

Maternity Formal and Bridal Dresses: Step out in style with one of the maternity gowns in our extended collection. You’ll feel like celebrating any Montreal occasion when you are wearing one of our gowns, because you won’t be sacrificing style just because you are pregnant. Seven Women will please you with the largest selection of maternity bridal dress, all of which are very affordable.

Maternity Pants: When your pregnant belly begins expanding, one of the first things you should do is visit Montreal’s top maternity retailer Seven Women to see the huge selection of maternity pants they have available.

Maternity Sweaters: Don’t wait until the Montreal winter arrives to ensure you are adequately protected from the cold. Our huge selection of maternity sweaters will keep you warm and toasty while you eagerly await the arrival of your little one.

Maternity Coats: Many Montreal women wait until the last minute to purchase a winter coat to cover them. You don’t have to be one of them, when we have a huge selection of maternity coats readily available that will help you stay warm regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Maternity Jackets: When shopping for maternity clothing, Montreal women should not forget about jackets. Cool temperatures are possible any time of year, but the maternity jackets in our collection will provide adequate protection during every stage of pregnancy.

Maternity Skirts: If you are looking for stylish maternity skirts to pair with leggings or a sweater, you’ve come to the right place. We have dozens of styles that are perfect for any Montreal occasion whether casual or formal.

Maternity Nursing Tops and Bras: Maternity lingerie is something many Montreal women would rather not think about, but is nonetheless important. Check out our collection, which will allow you to feel feminine and beautiful while also staying as comfortable as possible.

And lastly, while we don't offer in-store shopping in Montreal we do offer a complimentary consultation to assist you with an online purchase. Our in-store shopping is available at 1-7690 Yonge street, Thornhill, ON. Call us at (289) 813-7301.