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50 products

With the approach of the first frosts, future mothers start being concerned about the fact that both they and their baby should be warm. Of course, there must be plenty of clothes in your closet, but here is the problem - they do not want to fit your already well-rounded tummy. In this situation, the only solution is quite obvious: you should go to a store for new maternity sweaters and coats as they allow pregnant women not to experience any discomfort and at the same time look stylish and fashionable. Such maternity clothes can also be used again if you become pregnant for the second time.

How To Choose A Maternity Coat?

In order not to get lost in a huge variety of coats, it is necessary to think in advance about what your outfit for the cold season should be. What do I need to consider? When choosing a stylish maternity coat, you should focus on its ability to retain heat because right now it is the most important feature for you. Modern synthetic materials can cope with this task as well as fur or feathers can. Look closely at the details. The hood, cuffs with elastic bands - all this will allow you to defend against the piercing wind. A special attention should be given to tailoring. A growing belly should feel as comfortable as possible. And do not forget about the appearance of a maternity coat because you should like the way it looks. As for colors, choosing the right color and style of a maternity coat depends on personal preferences of women, and the kind of image she is trying to create. Due to the fact, that a woman will probably wear a maternity coat for just a few months, maybe she will want to choose a bright, eye-popping colors with some unusual design. However, other women prefer neutral colors and a conservative style as such maternity coats will look appropriate in any situation. In addition, when choosing a style of a maternity coat, you should pay attention to your way of life. For example, if you plan to work during pregnancy, you may want to get a shortened coat, in which it is easy enough to navigate. Such a maternity coat not only makes it easy to move around, but also has enough room for a growing belly. If during pregnancy you are planning to do sports or spend a lot of time outdoors, then the perfect winter coats for pregnant women are transformers. In this coat, you will be warm, cozy and comfortable.

What Does A Maternity Coat Go With?

A pregnancy brings many changes to your body: your figure changes forcing you to update your wardrobe. Choosing clothes at this time is very difficult as the choice of clothes varies depending on your preference and comfort.- Pants and skirts: skirts, pants and jeans look great with a maternity coat. However, when choosing jeans, you need to buy them two sizes larger than your usual size. A good choice would make stretch jeans, capris and leggings. One of our most popular items is the M Coat, which transitions into three different coats that you can utilize throughout your pregnancy and even beyond. At first, it serves as a maternity coat to cover your baby bump and keep you warm. After you deliver, the coat also doubles as a Mama Coat with a built-in front infant carrier. Finally, you can remove the carrier and wear it as your go-to coat. It is one of the most versatile and stylish maternity coats we offer. We also have a vast selection of maternity sweaters, including pull-overs, cardigans, and heavy jacket styles in your favorite materials and colors. Staying warm during pregnancy shouldn’t be a struggle, and you should never have to compromise style to stay warm. That’s why we offer so many styles and options from which you can choose. Although, bundling up during the winter months can be a bit difficult with a baby on board, but our huge selection of maternity coats and maternity sweaters will allow you to stay warm in style. We offer all of the latest trends from today’s hottest brands so do not hesitate to treat yourself with some beautiful and what’s more practical maternity clothes that will fill every day of your pregnancy with comfort, warmth and delight.