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80 products

80 products

Shop Seraphine Maternity at Seven Women, online or in-store! Women from all over Canada and international shop for Seraphine clothes at Seven Women because they offer the largest collection from this British Brand. Women Shop the Seraphine maternity collection at Seven Women because there are no additional, hidden duties and brokerage fees charged on delivery. We help customers save money when they buy Seraphine maternity clothes from Seven Women.

Seraphine is well known amongst celebrities, take for example the Cici faux leather leggings, Anne Hathaway, Gwen Stefani & Kimberly Wyatt styled them for a glamorous rock chic look. Seraphine Cici leggings are popular amongst many women for their edgy look, for both 20 something to 40 something moms!

Seraphine maternity was also a favorite for Duchess Kate Middleton. During Kate Middleton's three pregnancies, she wore several styles from Seraphine, and Seven Women Maternity was certain to make them available to pregnant women throughout Canada! And we had fun watching our customers light up in the store, as they were quick to identify Seraphine styles worn by the Duchess.

Seraphine maternity dresses, women love the vast variety of dresses Seraphine offers and Seven Women Maternity carries most of their dresses, both in-store and online, including the Seraphine Luxe collection of dresses. From comfortable everyday dresses that can be dressed up, some dresses offer nursing accesses, career-oriented dresses and of course baby shower dresses.

Seraphine jeans Katie and Irving offer the most amount of room for growth and maximum comfort during a woman's pregnancy, featuring a super-stretch over bump elasticized fabric and a very forgiving seam that attaches to the gummy denim.

Have we got Nursing? Absolutely: nursing tops, dresses, bras! Satisfying different dressing needs, Seven Women offers a variety of Seraphine nursing clothes that are initially worn during the pregnancy. This is what we call: Getting your money's worth our of all your maternity budget!

Women trust that when they shop for Seraphine maternity at Seven Women stores, they will be supported by Customer Service to ensure they are purchasing the best size, as not all styles from Seraphine are consistently sized. Seven Women helps to ensure your successful purchase. So, what are you waiting for! Give us a call through our local support numbers in: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Quebec, and Toronto!