A Few Maternity Clothes You Must Have

So, you’ve read all the “how to expect when you’re expecting” type of books and websites, but are still clueless about what to wear or how to dress your bump. We give you the low down on trendy maternity clothes and dresses in Canada and how you can feel most comfortable and at home in your changing body during this wonderful period of pregnancy.

Maternity clothes are all for comfort, but you don’t have to look drab and unkempt wearing them. With all the trendy stuff you can get online and off, it is not difficult to stay stylish and rock your baby bump while waiting to pop. Maternity clothing is designed not only to style you up, but ensure your comfort in the process. Here are some of the must-haves you should consider when shopping for maternity clothes and dresses:

Underwear – One of the best secrets to a comfortable get-up is having the right foundation. Build your maternity clothing collection from the right undergarments. Your bra will be the first item that needs replacing, given that most women become more endowed during the first few weeks. Don’t suffer wearing an incorrect size, or resort to your sports bra that offers poor shape. Invest in a maternity/nursing bra that you’ll wear comfortably and that will provide you with the proper support throughout your pregnancy and during nursing, while also ensuring a flattering shape that keeps you looking your best. In addition, you’ll find that your taste in underwear may change during pregnancy, when your senses are heightened and you begin to grow in size. Nevertheless, it is all a matter of personal preference when it comes to maternity clothes. Some would-be moms may prefer maternity panties that are worn under the belly or come up higher—it is really your call what type of underwear you want to wear. Cotton is a great choice because it offers breathability, will keep you dry and therefore less prone to yeast infection.

Maternity Pants – A maternity wardrobe essential, maternity pants are also great to invest in, as they provide great comfort compared to your normal jeans. Moreover, you will likely get more use out of them, post-partum.

Skirts and Dresses – Dresses and skirts offer plenty of benefits for expecting women. Not only are they easy to get in and out of, they can also keep you cool and are extremely flattering. Whether you want clingy wrap dresses or are more comfortable with something comfy and flowy is entirely your choice.

There are also some nice-to-have items that you may want to consider while shopping for maternity clothes, such as belly bands for added support and maternity shoes for your swelling feet.