Are Maternity Coats Necessary?

The short answer is yes—you need a maternity coat in Canada and don't get discouraged thinking you'll never use it again after giving birth. A stylish and high-quality maternity parka, hoodie, or trench coat that can be worn throughout pregnancy and well after your baby arrives. It is designed to fit around your growing stomach without making you look frumpy.

Even though it seems like a lot to spend on one coat, it will become one of your favorite wardrobe staples for the winter, taking the guesswork and stress out of figuring out what to wear now and after your baby is born.

And don’t worry. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style for the tiny human growing in your belly. Designer maternity stores like Seven Women offer the same trendy options you’ll see in magazines—with a mom-friendly twist.

A Great Investment

The key is to choose a maternity coat in Toronto that will serve you for years, no matter if you're pregnant or chasing a toddler.

One of our best sellers, accommodating temperatures upto -30 celcius, is the Sara 3-in-1 maternity 3-in1 coat. This forever piece features a built-in center panel that you add to the coat when you need more room, ensuring a fit that grows with you throughout your nine months. The exterior fabric provides wind and water resistance.

After baby is born, reuse the middle panel so that you can enclose baby with you while they are in a baby carrier.

Stay Comfortably Chic

Comfort is of the utmost importance when you’re expecting a baby. You must take care of yourself first, or your little one won’t grow strong and healthy.

Our fleece maternity 3-in-1 hoodie, the Conner, features built-in stretch panels to the sides, ensuring a fit that grows with you throughout your nine months. The fabric is gently brushed inside for a soft fleecy finish—great for layering under a coat. It even comes with an extra panel that easily zips on the front of the baby sling or carrier, so you can still use it once your baby arrives. It also has a drawstring hood and pockets on the sides, perfect for carrying around anything you may need.

Maternity clothing is designed for pregnant women, giving your belly more room to relax and grow without sacrificing style. For example, our 3-in-1 parka has clever zip-away panels at the sides that make it easy to adjust the sizing as you grow throughout your pregnancy. And, if you want, there is also a matching belt that can be used to highlight your slimmest point and create a more flattering fit.

Can’t find the right maternity coat in Toronto? Check out Seven Women’s selection.