Best Maternity Jeans for Every Type of Pregnant Body

Most pregnant women start wearing maternity jeans by their second trimester, but there really are no rules. You can start shopping for high-quality maternity bottoms like Seraphine jeans as soon as your regular ones start feeling too tight, which might be as early as the first trimester.

The challenge is finding a comfortable pair that will flatter your figure and can grow with your bump. You may even want to wear maternity skinny jeans, but you’re concerned that they may be too constricting or become unflattering down the line. We recommend choosing jeans according to your body type. Here are some tips to help you make informed buying decisions.

Know the basics

One of the common misconceptions about maternity clothes is they are worn only during pregnancy. But classic pieces such as maternity jeans can go a long way and you can continue wearing them after birth.

Sizes will vary by brand. Seraphine jeans may fit differently than other brands and maternity skinny jeans may feel a bit tighter, so always refer to specific sizing guidelines. You can’t go wrong with super-soft bottoms with a nice stretch that moves with you as your belly grows.

Go with your preferences

Maternity jeans come in different styles.

  • Over-the-bump jeans have a built-in panel to cover the belly. If you like high-waisted jeans, go for a style with a stretchy over-bump panel. It can be folded up when your bump has become bigger or folded down for postpartum support.
  • Demi-panel maternity bottoms feature an elasticized waistband sitting under the baby bump to provide support. This style becomes discreet when worn with flowy or loose tops.
  • Side-panel jeans have stretchy, discreet panels on the sides. They expand with your body while resembling regular jeans, making them ideal if you don’t want extra support around your bump.

Some recommendations

  • Pear shape (Smaller busts and fuller hips)– Boot-cut or straight leg maternity jeans are ideal for pear-shaped women. The style hides fuller calves and thighs, but consider darker denim.
  • Apple shape (Thinner hips and full breasts) – Go for maternity jeans that can lengthen your torso and slim your waist, preferably with large back pockets, light denim washes, and boot-cut styles.
  • Hourglass – Choose maternity bottoms that hug your body to emphasize your feminine shape. Boot-cut and slightly flared cuts are great options.
  • Boyish (non-curvy and balanced) – Look for straight leg or maternity skinny jeans to elongate your legs and accentuate curves, with large pockets to emphasize your butt.