Connor 3-in-1 Hoodie: Buying Guide & Benefits for Pregnant Women

Many women are apprehensive about wearing hoodies during their pregnancy, afraid that this type of maternity clothing may make them look bigger than they really are. Does this sound like you? The Connor 3-in-1 hoodie will surely change your mind. You’ll love how well it fits and how comfy it is.

When you’re pregnant and feeling fat, the last thing you want are pregnancy clothes that add frump. What you need is a hoodie that’s comfortable and functional—but you also want it to be cute. The genius Connor 3-in-1 maternity hoodie is all this and more. It’s designed by Seraphine, which is known for high-quality pregnancy clothing with a dash of Parisian chic.

The Connor 3-in-1 hoodie has stretch, so you can be sure that it will grow with you throughout the different stages of your pregnancy. It’s a long-sleeved maternity hoodie that features a neckline zip and is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester fabric, gently brushed inside for that ultra-soft, fleecy, super cozy finish. The cuffs even have thumb holes to keep your hands warm.

But what really makes the Connor 3-in-1 hoodie unique from other maternity jackets are the extra panel that you can simply zip on at the front. It’s designed to fit over your front carrier or baby sling when your little one arrives. The extra insert features the same brushed fleecy lining to keep both you and your baby cozy. Style it however you want! Wear the hoodie open in warmer weather, or zipped up all the way if you want to protect your little one from the elements.

This pregnancy hoodie is great for chilly weather. Use it while you’re pregnant, with your baby, or as a roomy hoodie that’s structured enough to flatter your figure, but made with the softest stretch fabrics for ultimate comfort. It’s super versatile and is worth the investment. It’s also machines washable, making it easier to deal with spills and other accidents.