Curating a Bump-Friendly Closet: Pants for Every Need

Once you’ve reached that point in your pregnancy when your regular pants simply don’t fit anymore, it might be time to invest in a couple of maternity pants. The key is to choose pants (and maternity clothes in general) that fit well and have space for your growing belly while still looking flattering. The good news is that maternity pants come in a wide range of styles, just like regular pants, so it’s easy to find something that looks great and works for you.

Finding the right size
In general, it’s best to buy maternity pants in the size you usually wore before pregnancy. So if you usually wore a size 10 in most jean brands before getting pregnant, you’ll likely wear a size 10 in maternity jeans. The same sizing system for maternity and regular pants is the same, so you don’t have to go up a size. This makes it so much easier to find your size in pregnancy clothing.

However, if you have gained more than 5-8 pounds in the first three months, than you might consider buying one size larger. Ordering online? Check if you can return the pants if they do not fit.

Finding the right waistband
Maternity jeans use different types of waistbands. Go with what feels comfortable. There are maternity pants with built-in belly bands that go over or under the bump. There are also jeans that are designed to sit extra low on the waist.

Here are some of the most common maternity pant waistbands:

  • Elastic side panels to make the waist expand
  • Built-in belly bands that stretch with your growing belly
  • Over-the-bump
  • Under-the-bump(best for the early stages of pregnancy)
  • Fly-front adjustable straps
  • Drawstring

If you’re going to wear the pants through summer, choose something lightweight, breathable, and possibly even moisture-wicking pants. Cotton or linen are good choices.

But if you’re going to wear the pants in the colder months, choose something thicker and warmer. You can’t go wrong with denim, corduroy, or wool maternity pants. And if you are overlapping too seasons, a light pant can always feel warmer if you layer tights underneath.

Maternity leggings or jeggings are best if you want something you can really move in. They don’t feel restrictive and look great with different tops and maternity dresses.

How many do you need?
Budget for two to three pairs of maternity pants and other wardrobe essentials, like comfortable underwear, maternity dresses, and comfy shoes. You will find everything you need here at Seven Women.