How to Find the Best Pair of Comfy Maternity Jeans

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to wear loose clothing all the time. There are flattering maternity clothes that can make you look and feel your best, especially for special occasions or whenever you feel like dressing up. If you loved wearing pants before you got pregnant, be sure to invest in good maternity bottoms. Maternity jeans are wardrobe staples that you’ll love to wear during and after pregnancy. Unlike regular jeans, they have waistbands and panels to fit around your baby bump. They are designed to ensure comfort while having a modern silhouette to flatter your figure and go with your favourite tops.

The next challenge is finding the perfect pair of maternity jeans. There are many options, including maternity skinny jeans and styles that look like leggings. Here are some tips to help you with your shopping:

Understand ‘how’ they work

Maternity jeans use any one of these methods to stay in place:

  • Underbelly waistband – These jeans use an elastic waistband at the top and sit underbelly as your bump grows, providing firm support.
  • Side stretch panels – If you don’t want pressure on your bump, consider maternity bottoms with stretchable side panels that expand with the tummy. These jeans resemble regular jeans because of their discreet style.
  • Over-bump – An over-belly waistband is soft and perfect for mommies who are not used to low-cut hipster jeans. It provides a bit more support with a snug fit.

When to buy maternity jeans?

Every pregnancy is unique, so the best time to buy should depend on your comfort.

Mind the size

Whether you’re buying maternity skinny jeans or regular fit bottoms, consider your pre-pregnancy size unless indicated on the clothing brand’s product size chart. A larger size may be too big in the thighs and bottom. The jeans may feel snug at first, but the denim should loosen every wear and wash.


Should you get Seraphine jeans or other maternity bottoms? Compare using belly buttons to determine where they will sit on the body and how low they will look at the back.

When in doubt, choose designer maternity clothes

Designer maternity jeans are good investments you can wear, even after birth. Consider brands like Seraphine jeans, Ripe, and Paige, which you can find in online stores specializing in trendy maternity clothing.