How to Look Stylish in Your Maternity Jeans and Pants

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you need to let go of your jeans-and-shirt lifestyle and wear maternity dresses all the time. There are actually many other kinds of maternity clothes available in Toronto—including jeans and pants—to make you look and feel stylish throughout your pregnancy and even after giving birth. All it takes is a bit of styling and confidence.
But you may be wondering: Is it safe to wear jeans or pants during pregnancy? Yes—most certainly. Just be sure to get the right size that doesn’t feel too tight and constricting. And no—these clothes won’t hurt your baby. So, if you feel more comfortable in pregnancy trousers, then don’t let anyone talk you into dresses. Rock those pants and jeans as often as you please. We’ll save you from the guesswork and give you some ideas on how you can look stylish in those out-fit:

No need to change your style
You don’t have to drastically change your taste for clothes during pregnancy. If you normally like to wear your favourite band or statement tees, you can still continue wearing them with your maternity jeans.

Show off your baby bump
Choose super flattering maternity jeans and pants and wear them with form-fitting shirts or a cute empire-cut top. You’re pregnant, so you have an excuse to let your stomach stick out and nobody can say otherwise. Enjoy it as much as you can!

Shift the focus to your features
Choose tops that can help make your silhouette look longer, so you look and feel leaner and taller even with a growing belly. Try pairing V-neck tops, short dresses, or button-down shirts with your favourite pair of maternity jeans or pants.

Prioritize your comfort
Avoid clothes that are too tight because they might cause discomfort and pain, reduce circulation, or even cause a yeast infection.

Don’t forget the footwear
Choose shoes that go perfectly with your out-fits. Make sure they are super-comfy and will help you keep your balance. You can still wear heels for as long as they are comfortable and won’t make you trip.