Maternity and Nursing Bra Guide for New Moms

A poorly fitted bra will make even the nicest maternity clothes or nursing dresses look and feel bad. This is why it’s important to invest in the right undergarments—including high-quality and versatile nursing bras. Keep reading for some expert guidance on how to pick the right maternity and nursing bras in Toronto.

Do you really need one?

Your breasts need some TLC when you’re a new mom. A good nursing bra will keep them supported as they go through changes over the course of your pregnancy and after giving birth. It’s better to wear a specially designed bra for nursing instead of regular underwire bras, which can apply pressure on milk ducts and cause breastfeeding complications. With a proper nursing bra, you can keep your breasts healthy while ensuring comfort and flexibility. Of course, these bras are also designed to provide easy breastfeeding access for your baby.

Features to consider

Just like maternity clothes, nursing bras come in many different styles, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Here are some features to look for:

  • Versatile fit and soft fabric - An ill-fitting nursing bra could cause mastitis, plugged ducts, and other discomforts. Look for non-chafing, breathable, and soft fabrics that won’t irritate your breasts.
  • Excellent support – Your breasts are heavier and fuller when you’re lactating, so they need more support than ever before. The bra should spread the weight of the breasts without squeezing or constricting, so that milk can keep flowing. Proper support may also prevent sagging down the line.
  • Convenient access – Will you be nursing while on-the-go? Are you going to nurse and pump interchangeably? Nursing dresses and bras should provide convenience when breastfeeding.

When to buy a nursing bra

The best time to buy one is when you start breastfeeding, but you can certainly shop earlier. You might want to consider buying nursing bras in your second trimester of pregnancy, when your pre-pregnancy bras start to become tight and uncomfortable. The great thing about nursing bras is that they are designed to accommodate changing breast sizes. They are made using stretchable and supportive fabrics, with extra rows of hooks and eyes to make them highly adjustable.