Maternity Clothing - To Buy or Not to Buy

Like most parents, you’re probably a bit more conscious about your budget now that a baby is on the way. There’s so much to buy for the little one—from a proper crib to a breast pump to a diaper bag, among others. You might be wondering: Are maternity clothes really necessary? Do you really need fancy belly bands and pregnancy jeans and dresses while you’re pregnant, or should you just save the money for other things?

The simple answer to these questions is this: It depends. Some moms can get away with wearing their regular clothes (especially loose-fitting pants, oversized leggings, and maxi dresses) during their pregnancy. But many others discover that it’s very difficult to feel comfortable and look put together in anything other than maternity clothes.

At the end of the day, it boils down to personal comfort and preference. If your regular clothes still fit you comfortably, then you might not need to buy maternity clothes. But there’s certainly no reason to feel guilty about picking up a few pretty and well-designed pregnancy clothing that makes you feel comfortable and look great.

After all, wearing clothes that are too tight while you are pregnant is never a good idea. They won’t only make you uncomfortable—they can also cause a lot of health issues such as pain and reduced blood circulation. Some tight-fitting bottoms may even cause yeast infections, which is why maternity pants and jeans are often recommended.

If you’re thinking of buying maternity clothes in Toronto but are on a tight budget, don’t worry—there’s no need to go overboard. In most cases, all you need are four or five outfits that make you feel beautiful, confident, and beautiful. Mix and match these pieces with other things you already have to build a great pregnancy wardrobe.

If you work in an office, it’s a good idea to invest in maternity wear that is work appropriate. Try to stick to neutral color palettes to make everyday dressing easier. You can’t go wrong with classics like black, olive, charcoal, and camel. Some red can be great for an accent.

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