Mom-to-Be: The Role of Grandmother-hood in Single Parent Families

If you have a daughter who will soon be a mom and a single parent, then you’re probably thinking about helping her out in any way you can. From pregnancy to giving birth to child care—there will be many challenges ahead, and she will need you by your side.

One of the most practical things you can do during her pregnancy is to help her shop for maternity clothing. This is easier than ever because of online maternity boutiques Toronto where you can get everything—from pregnancy dresses to nursing tops that she can use well after she gives birth. Shopping with your daughter can be a good bonding experience; it’s a good way to let her know that you care about her and her future baby. It will give her reassurance that she is not alone in this journey.

Once your child has given birth, you might also want to help her take care of the baby. Many studies show that raising grandkids can be mutually beneficial for both grandmothers and their daughters. Grandmothers can provide a safe, loving, fun, and stable environment for their grandbabies while also helping their adult daughters manage day-to-day challenges, ward off depression, and boost social connections. Here are just some of the many positive results of grandmothers caring for their grandchildren, according to a Berkeley study:

  • Financial – It’s no secret that child care can be extremely expensive. You can help your single-parent daughter out in this regard by taking her kids on some days, so she doesn’t have to pay for a babysitter.
  • Peace of mind – Your daughter will feel better knowing that her kids are with someone who loves them and can provide them the attention they need while she’s at work.
  • Flexibility – Make sure your daughter knows that she can count on you to be ready and willing to take care of your grandkids if she suddenly needs to travel or is called in to work on a weekend.
  • Wisdom – Grandmothers play an important role in imparting wisdom to children in a way that is much more welcome than if a parent tried to teach the same thing.
  • Health – Running after kids can be good for you, too. Many grandmothers say that they are banned kids keep them fit and happy.

Research indicates that single mothers with strong parenting relationships with their moms also tend to feel more effective as parents. Interestingly, this seems to cause their children to become more socially competent as they grow up.

There’s no doubt that grandmothers—with their rich experience and parenting—can provide much needed support, encouragement, and role modeling when they collaborate in raising the children of their daughters, who can then approach parenting with more persistence and positivity.

The appropriate extent of your involvement as a grandparent really depends on what you can and are willing to do, as well as how your daughter feels. Family therapists suggest talking to your daughter and being clear about what suits both you and her. Your role as in a single parent family will change as your grandkids grow up and circumstances change.

Mom-to-be: The Role of Grandmother-hood In Single Parent Families