Nursing Tops & Dresses That’ll Help You Breastfeed

Congratulations on your new baby! Like most new moms, you are probably looking for nursing tops to get you through the often-challenging task of breastfeeding—especially in public. Your maternity dresses and other pregnancy clothes probably won’t cut it because they are not designed to make discreet nursing access easier.

Now is a good time to buy nursing tops in Toronto. They look just like regular clothes, except that they have hidden features to make breastfeeding easier. Nursing outfits these days are so much more stylish; you certainly don’t have to limit your choices to maxi dresses or oversized rags. They are nice enough to wear with your regular clothes when you are done breastfeeding.

Some of the best breastfeeding tops have stitched-in-bras that are made of soft elastic materials that support the breast and the abdomen. They’re designed to make nursing so much more comfortable while being easy to wear, too.

Types of nursing tops
Nursing tops can be categorized based on the access they provide. Here are some of the styles you can buy:

  • Quack nursing wear - The quack style is one of the most common and most popular nursing tops out there. These garments feature horizontal openings right under the bust. Thanks to the raw edge hem, the fabric naturally curls under to make the opening almost invisible.
  • Buttons - Unbutton to nurse—that’s it!
  • Drop down – These kinds of nursing tops feature snap buttons on the shoulders. Pop them open to reveal a concealed crop tank inner layer.
  • Lift up – Lift the layer over the bust (at the empire line) to reveal an inner layer with nursing openings.
  • Zippers – Simply open to reveal a crop tank inner layer, just like you would a drop down nursing top.       
  • Button front – Find a discreet inner layer by undoing the button front.
  • Ruffles– These garments use ruffles to hide the breastfeeding openings.
  • Panels - Lift the garment’s overlapping criss-cross panels to breastfeed.
  • Vertical – Vertical nursing openings are cleverly hidden within the gathers and pleats.
  • Double layer – These nursing tops have double layer fronts. Simply lift the outer one to access openings of the inner layer.
  • Cowl neck – Another super-popular style! Pull the cowl neck down to reveal an inner crop layer.
  • Crossover – This common style has a crossover at the breast area, making it easy to pull the outer layer aside.

Aside from all of these, you can also buy nursing covers that double as scarves to add discretion to a breastfeeding session.
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