Pregnancy Belly Band: 5 Reasons You Need to Wear One

Are you feeling some discomfort around your abdomen and on your lower back? Wearing the proper maternity clothes and undergarments—particularly a belly band—can probably help. It provides flexible support especially for women who remain active during the second and third trimesters of their pregnancy. Here’s why wearing a belly band may be the best thing you can ever do for yourself and your baby:

1. Better posture
You can look and feel good in any trendy maternity clothing when you have good posture—and belly bands can help you with that. The band supports your torso and lower back so that you don’t overextend your muscles and get that awkward ‘sway back’ look. It may also prevent the weakening of the core muscles supporting your spine.

2. Less pain
Joint and back pain are more frustrating during pregnancy and may become so debilitating to a point that you’re unable to do your daily tasks. Belly bands support the lower back as well as the baby bump to help reduce overall pain.

3. Added support for certain activities
A belly band works similarly to a sports bra in a sense that it provides support and gentle compression for your baby bump. It helps keep the uterus stable to minimize discomfort during any physical activity. Just make sure that it fits correctly to avoid impairing circulation, which can negatively affect your blood pressure and contribute to indigestion and heartburn.

4. Comfort and safety during exercise
Regular physical activities are important during pregnancy because they help keep you physically fit and healthy for childbirth. It may also help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of diabetes, depression, and hypertension. But discomfort and pain may prevent some pregnant women from exercising or participating in activities that require some physical effort. By wearing a good belly band, such issues can be reduced or eliminated.

5. Support after pregnancy
A belly band will go a very long way in your wardrobe. Like trendy maternity clothes in Canada, it can still be worn for postpartum support reduces discomfort in the lower back and abdomen. You can also wear it while working out to help strengthen your abdominal muscles as they recover.

A belly band is generally safe to use. That said, you should consult with your doctor before wearing any compression garment while you are pregnant.