Tips To Care for Your Maternity and Nursing Clothes

Good maternity wear is an investment that will last you throughout pregnancy and well after childbirth. Some of the most versatile maternity clothes you can find in Toronto are even suitable for nursing, so it makes sense to care for them properly.

These clothes are typically made of stretch jersey knit fabric, which drapes well and ensures comfort but tends to lose its shape over time. So if you want your maternity tops and pants to look great for a long time, you need to give them some TLC. Here are some tips to help you care for your clothes as well as your nursing tops and dresses:

Wash them properly

Turn your nursing dresses or maternity clothes inside-out before washing them. This will prevent pilling.

Separate them from other items in your laundry. Don’t wash them with items that can produce lint, such as towels. That’s because jersey knit fabric tends to pick up lint, which can make your maternity clothes look worn-down and old.

Wash in cool water

Stretch fabrics don’t do well in heat, as high temperatures can cause them to deteriorate. Make it a point to wash your maternity dresses with cool water. Avoid popping them into the dryer, too. Instead, lay them flat to dry in the shade.

Sort colours

Just like with your regular clothes, your nursing tops should be sorted by colour and type of fabric. Separate dark from light colours and be sure to wash white tops and dresses separately from others to prevent discolouration.

Use a mesh lingerie bag

Put your nursing bra in a mesh lingerie bag before popping it in the washing machine. Make sure the clasps are done up so that the hooks can’t snag on other garments. Zip up any zipper and secure all Velcro straps, but avoid buttoning up garments so they don’t fall or snap off during washing.

Choose a milder detergent

It’s common for some women to develop sensitive skin during pregnancy and after childbirth. To avoid irritation, consider using non-biological laundry detergents or specially-formulated detergents that are meant for baby clothes.