Tips to Purchase the Perfect Maternity Jeans for You

The hunt for stylish and comfortable maternity jeans can seem like a never-ending ordeal for some women. The process of trying-on, buying, and returning can be exhausting. But don’t give up. With these tips, you can find the perfect maternity jeans for you—a pair that you will love to wear throughout your pregnancy and the months after it.

You may be wondering if you can just wear your regular jeans. Technically, yes—but you probably won’t be comfortable. The problem with regular jeans is that they usually don’t have a lot of stretch. And if you’d do try to wear one in a larger size, it will probably be too baggy elsewhere. Proper maternity jeans are a good investment.

How should pregnancy jeans fit?

Getting the right size is key to finding the perfect maternity jeans. The right pair should fit firmly but comfortably. You shouldn’t feel any pressure on your abdomen, but your belly shouldn’t feel like it’s falling down, either. The best maternity jeans have a lot of stretch in their fabric—a lot more than regular jeans—so they are generally more comfortable to move in.

What size should I buy?

Maternity jeans follow the same sizing as regular jeans, except that they have special bands and panels for growth. It’s best to select the size you’ve always worn before getting pregnant. Anything larger may be too big in the thighs and bottom and will also tend to hitch up. Don’t worry if your jeans feel a bit snug at first. The fabric will give with each wash and wear.

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