Vegan Maternity Clothes: A Few Brands for the Pregnant Mother

Maternity clothes can help ensure a comfortable and safe pregnancy. However, they are not merely worn during pregnancy. And these days, they are so stylish that you would be proud to wear them even after giving birth. Maternity winterwear in particular is a good investment, especially if it’s made with high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a maternity sweater, coat, cardigan, or jacket for the colder months, you’ll want to look into certain brands that offer vegan and cruelty-free maternity clothing.

Why choose vegan maternity wear?

Animal products like leather, wool, and fur are popularly used in winterwear—and these materials are not the best choices for maternity coats and sweaters especially when considering your baby’s safety. There’s no telling if they’re hypoallergenic, either.

In contrast, high-quality vegan maternity clothes are made of materials that are comfortable and safer for both the mom and the baby. They’ll help keep you warm and cozy in the colder months, and best of all, they’re durable and versatile to be worn even after giving birth. You’ll find that most of them are nursing-friendly, too!

Brands to know about

Several good brands are known to offer a good selection of vegan maternity coats, sweaters, and other pregnancy clothing. Here are some of them:


Ripe Maternity is an Australian maternity clothing brand that makes comfortable nursing and maternity clothes at reasonable prices. Its vegan maternity cable knit sweater is luxuriously soft and non-itchy, with zips in the side seams for easy nursing access. You can also find a nursing-friendly maternity sweater with a crossover front. The brand likewise manufactures comfortable maternity and nursing hoodies and coatigans.


Fashion-forward moms love Seraphine and its maternity clothes. Its line of maternity winterwear includes a two-tone reversible luxury maternity nursing shawl wrap with slim cuff sleeves to keep you cozy. If you need a cute vegan maternity sweater, you will love Seraphine’s 100 percent cotton knit Aubrey Cotton Mama and Mini Matching Sweaters. That means your little one gets a matching sweater, too!