What to Look for When Buying Maternity Nursing Wear


Breastfeeding helps ensure that your baby can have a healthy start. It also helps you establish a bond with your little one. This is why both the WHO and UNICEF recommend breastfeeding within the first hour of giving birth and for at least 6 months. You’ll want to invest in the right nursing tops to make it easier to breastfeed whenever and wherever.

Clothing Matters

Breastfeeding itself can be challenging for mothers. There’s the risk of clogged milk ducts, low milk supply, and cracked and dry nipples. Many new moms experience these difficulties, making them want to quit breastfeeding earlier than recommended.

Wearing the right nursing clothing may offer the support you need to breastfeed conveniently while taking care of your breasts. These clothes allow easy access with buttons and zippers, so you can open them with one hand. That said, finding the perfect nursing dresses and tops can be challenging, so here is a guide to help you make informed choices.

Timeless Styles

Invest in classics you can wear repeatedly and pair with other clothing, accessories, and shoes you already have.

Some of the best nursing tops resemble stylish throw-and-go tees with a relaxed fit. You can start wearing them during pregnancy and for nursing. Cross-over long-sleeved semi-fitted knit tops are also perfect if you’re looking for a versatile and effortlessly stylish top to pair with jeans, shorts, or skirts. Avoid overly trendy styles that will become outdated in a few months.

Pick The Right Colors

The best nursing clothing comes in neutral and timeless hues like greys, blues, whites, blacks, and beige. They are easy to wear with anything, no matter the season. Darker colors, patterns, and prints may help disguise leaks and stains.

Consider Prints and Patterns

Printed and patterned nursing dresses are not only functional and stylish. They allow discreet feeding anywhere while camouflaging a postpartum body.

Make Sure It Adapts to Your Body

Are you buying nursing tops while still pregnant? Look for clothes that can adapt to your changing body structure. Choose breathable and stretchy fabrics that provide a comfortable fit while preventing issues like mastitis and clogged milk ducts.

Ensure Machine-Washable Fabrics

You’ll be busy being a mom, taking care of your baby, the household, and yourself. Choose nursing clothes made of washing machine-friendly fabrics, so you can simply throw them in the washer without worrying about damaging them.

Where to buy nursing clothes online?

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