Where to buy Formal Maternity Dresses

Pregnant women across Canada often ask: where can they buy a formal maternity dress to wear for a Gala event, a wedding, or their baby shower.  Do you still carry Tiffany Rose? I'm looking for a formal maternity dress to be shipped to Calgary, and I believe I bought one when I was in Toronto during my last pregnancy. While I will wear that dress again because I loved it so much, I'd love to purchase a second one.

We absolutely still carry Tiffany Rose, it is a very popular brand for good reason! Its great quality and beautiful style make this brand an excellent choice! Please feel free to look online at Sevenwomen.ca to see all of our Tiffany Rose options. You can order online or call us and we would be happy to ship your Tiffany Rose selection to Calgary (shipping bis free of charge).