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Types of Modern Maternity Belly Bands in Canada:

The belly band maternity accessory is a hot item right now, and for good reason. Not only do they provide you with amazing support, but they can also help you extend the time you can wear your favorite pre-pregnancy clothing. However, there are some questions that need be answered: how to choose a maternity belly band and how to wear it? Let’s try to find out! When it is time to wear a maternity belly band? The time to think about a maternity belly band is the fourth month of pregnancy! During this period, a tummy begins to rapidly increase in size and the first stretch marks may appear. Whereas, maternity belly bands take into accounts all the peculiarities of this period and will help you avoid many inconveniences. What’s more using a maternity belly band is expedient until the last days of pregnancy depending on your own feelings. How to wear a maternity belly band properly? A prerequisite while wearing a maternity belly band is that it should be worn properly, so as not to overly compress the abdominal cavity. However, there is absolutely nothing complicated about it since if there is something wrong with the way it fits on you; you are bound to feel some discomfort. Modern technologies allow creating materials that allow skin to breathe. Maternity belly bands with an addition of elastic insert that fits on top of the stomach is the most effective help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

 Types of Modern Maternity Belly Bands in Canada:

  1. Bandage Waist: This is a very popular model in the form of an elastic bandage. The supporting belt is worn on the underwear and provides good hygienic care. Another positive point of this band is that it makes it possible to adjust the encirclement by the side flaps.
  1. Universal Maternity Belly Band: These models are created in the form of a band made of rubberized fabric belt and are fastened with stickum. The wide part of the belt strengthens the back distributing the load and the narrow part supports the tummy and is secured under it. After birth, the belt is turned the other way around - the wide part holds the belly, and the narrow one supports the back.

They are comfortable precisely because of their versatility and the ability to save money without having to buy special clothes twice: before and after a child birth. On our web site, we offer several unique and functional belly bands designed with comfort and versatility in mind. With our more traditional pregnancy belly band options, you can simply slide the fabric down over the top of your jeans when you can no longer button the fly. This extends the life of your favorite jeans and makes pregnancy even more comfortable. Some of our other maternity belly band options are designed to provide support and grow with you throughout your pregnancy. These come with Velcro closures that allow you to adjust the fit as you and your baby grow, providing you with extra support beneath your clothes as well as a smoothing appearance. With the help of belly bands, pregnancy is more comfortable and more stylish. With their immense versatility, you can extend your wardrobe and feel better as you go throughout your day.