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Pregnancy is one of the most special and memorable periods in the life of almost every woman. However, the appearance of an impressive tummy is not a reason to abandon your usual style and get dressed in some baggy and shapeless robes. Although, building a maternity wardrobe can seem like an arduous task, when you have a vast selection of casual and dressy maternity tops from which to choose, shopping can become fun. Just remember we are ranked as the best Maternity Store in TorontoThere are many available styles to flatter your changing curves, and these include traditional tees, scoop-necked long sleeve tees, printed graphics, ruched and gathered materials, and much, much more. So browse our online shop to discover more!What tops can a pregnant woman wear? What style and color to choose?1) The first thing that any woman should know and keep in mind when selecting maternity tops is the size. If you are in the early months of pregnancy, you will be fine even with a normal size top i.e. that is the size that you wear every day. However, beginning with about the fifth month of pregnancy your size starts increasing quite significantly. Do not forget that there is a little person growing in your tummy and your body is storing some nutrients to ensure the growth and the development of the child at all stages of pregnancy. Therefore, you should be attentive when it comes to choosing the right size!2) Second. Cut. Maternity tops are usually sewn with a high waist. This is due, of course, to the physiological characteristics of pregnant women – an increase in the size of her belly. Therefore, an abdomen area in maternity tops is usually extended, and the waist is specifically raised. That is why it is important to buy special maternity tops as opposed to ordinary ones since they will not squeeze your stomach and waist, which might adversely affect the baby and your overall comfort.3) Third. You should go for high quality products like those presented in our online store. You should not buy maternity tops made of synthetic materials, which can cause allergies, which do not absorb moisture and in addition are electrified.4) Fourth, it is a special cut. There are maternity tops whose distinguishing feature is a special hidden pocket at the breast for easy feeding of a baby. Such a maternity top is used for a longer period of time so be attentive when choosing its fabrics.5) Fifth. Maternity tops should not fit snug your figure. Products of loose style go really well with narrow pants and jeans. Take notice of the trapezoid, flared down tunics with a focus on a constricted shoulder line. The cut of this type will give a newly rounded figure some softness and femininity. As for colors, it is up to you and your personal preferences, however, due to the fact that women are quite changeable during the pregnancy period, you might want to opt for some neutral colors.Finally we would like point that whatever top you are going to choose your everyday maternity tops should be comfortable and stylish, whether you wear them out for shopping, at home, or even to work. You can pair them with your favorite maternity jeans, stretch leggings, or skirts to complete any look, as well. In fact, in many cases, you can dress your maternity tops up or down based on the accessories and other clothing items you choose. Add a long skirt and some ballet flats some formal flair, or pair up a dressy tee with some jeans and sneakers for a dressed-down but put-together look. We also offer a variety of bright one-of-a-kind looks for those who like edgy fashion, and we have several sweaters in different fabrics, textures, and colors to suit all of your cold-weather wardrobe needs. From flirty and romantic to elegant and modern, maternity tops should reflect your inner personality and comfortably cradle your bundle of joy.