Maternity Clothes in Ottawa

376 products

376 products

Maternity Clothes: Ottawa women who do not wish to sacrifice style and comfort during their pregnancy turn to Seven Women whenever it is time to purchase affordable maternity clothes. One look at our extended collection, and it is easy to see why that is the case.

Pregnancy Clothing: If you have become frustrated looking for attractive pregnancy clothing, you’ll want to visit Seven Women. As a leading provider of pregnancy clothing, this Ottawa retailer knows what it takes to make expectant mothers happy.

Maternity Store: Ottawa women who wish to find all their clothing needs in a single location need only visit Seven Women. Regardless of what type of outfit you are looking for, Seven Women is likely to have it.

Maternity Wear: Many Ottawa women desire adding only a few clothing pieces to their wardrobe that they will then wear again and again. These meticulous shoppers visit Seven Women in order to find high-quality clothing at an affordable price.

Maternity Dresses: Dresses are cool and comfortable during every stage of pregnancy, which is why women from throughout the Ottawa area visit us upon learning they are expecting. Our selection of career dresses keeps you looking professional during all stages of your pregnancy

Maternity Tops: Maternity tops are one of the first items an expectant mother chooses to add to her wardrobe. A number of our tops are perfect for Ottawa women to wear beginning in the early stages of pregnancy through the postpartum nursing stage.

Maternity Jeans: Jeans are a perfect staple in every expectant mother’s wardrobe because they are perfect for any occasion. Never before have Ottawa women had so many choices when it comes to maternity jeans than they have right now when they visit Seven Women.

Maternity Formal and Bridal Dresses: Don’t avoid elegant Ottawa occasions for lack of something to wear. The maternity gowns in our collection will help you enjoy that important event without feeling as though you have sacrificed your sense of style due to your pregnancy. 

Maternity Bridal: Don’t avoid elegant Ottawa occasions for lack of something to wear. The maternity bridal dresses and gowns in our collection will help you enjoy that important event. Getting married when you are pregnant means you can buy one of our stunning maternity bridal dresses and feel comfortable all day long.

Maternity Pants: Finding comfortable maternity pants that provide adequate support for an expanding belly is easy for Ottawa women, who know that they can easily find what they are looking for by visiting Seven Women.

Maternity Sweaters: Cold temperatures are a given in Ottawa, which is why expectant mothers should ensure they include maternity sweaters in their wardrobe. You can wear the sweaters in our collection alone or layer them with a tank top in order to give them a fresh new look.

Maternity Coats: Caring for yourself while you are pregnant is very important, which is why you should ensure you have the right maternity coats to protect you from the harsh Ottawa winter. Our coats will continue to expand with your growing belly to provide you with warmth throughout the entire season.

Maternity Jackets: For times when the Ottawa air is only slightly chilly, you’ll need a maternity jacket that you can throw on in a hurry. The jackets we offer will provide you with adequate protection, while still matching any other maternity outfit in your wardrobe.

Maternity Skirts: If you prefer skirts over slacks, you don’t have to compromise your sense of fashion just because you are pregnant. The maternity skirts in our collection are suitable for Ottawa women who need to maintain a professional appearance, as well as those who desire more casual attire.

Maternity Nursing Bras and Accessories: Our maternity lingerie will help Ottawa women remain comfortable during their pregnancy. We also have very comfortable nursing bras in our collection that are ideal for nursing and will therefore serve you long term. And don't forget your Maternity Spanx, these are a must have accessories under dresses and gowns to smooth out the backside of your dress while offering comfort over your belly.