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Joey Nursing Jumper by Ripe

Joey Nursing Jumper by Ripe

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Make My Belly Fit Universal Set - Seven Women Maternity

Make My Belly Fit Universal Set

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It wasn’t that long ago when pregnant women had few options when it came to dressing their bump and they all looked something like this: a tent-like muumuu. These days many (women-led) brands offer fashionable maternity clothes that flatter your shape throughout your nine months of pregnancy. See our picks for the best maternity clothes for every budget, so you can celebrate your own maternity style as well as your blossoming baby bump.This stylish maternity fashion collection, always with a finger on the pulse of the latest trends, was started by two moms who’d had it with frumpy maternity looks. You’ll find trendy jumpers and classic tent dresses in luxe fabrics that’ll be go-to staples long after you give birth.Our much loved brand Seraphine: Known for its stretchy, bump-hugging styles that transition from casual to dressy, Séraphine's stylish maternity dresses have been worn by Princess Kate, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson.Another esteemed maternity brand Isabella Oliver, also known for it's celebrity mom following: celeb-adored brand (Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner and others have been seen wearing the label), the London-based company has a wide selection of stylish maternity fashion staples, including leggings and bump-hugging dresses.Looking for Italian designed maternity fashion, look no further than Pietro Brunelli: Pietro Brunelli's stylish maternity clothes are the epitome of elegance—think shift dresses with ruffled, rosebud sleeves and floral wrap dresses—perfect for special occasions.And the last but certainly not least is the Royal approved Tiffany Rose collection. Made in England, worn by Princess Kate Middleton, Princesses Victoria and Crown Princess Madeline