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Your wife, your daughter, your step-daughter, your good friend, your sister, whoever she is to you, you want to celebrate her pregnancy with a thoughtful gift! The Seven Women Maternity Gift Card will help her look her best during the challenging months ahead. Our beautiful collection of the best international maternity apparel will help her smile and appreciate the dramatic changes to her figure during her pregnancy. As a Canadian customer, she will be entitled to free shipping under our Bring Our Store Home shipping program. How happy you will make this very special woman!A gift card from Seven Women Maternity shows you've considered all the benefits of buying designer maternity clothing from a Canadian retailer. Buying tailored maternity clothing, made of great quality fabrics from Seven Women Maternity means there are no hidden/surprise charges upon delivery. Women ordering directly from our suppliers get a nasty surprise upon delivery when they are asked by the courier to pay extra duties and brokerage fees that can easily cost an additional 30%. Add this to the cost of currency exchange, expecting women are paying significantly more than they would have had they purchased directly from us.When you buy a gift card from Seven Women Maternity, it shows you appreciate fashion. We offer so many different styles with a European flare, a conservative maternity Wall Street look, an edge maternity Los Angeles look and a simple New York maternity look. Our maternity cloth options are abundant, so she'll be sure to purchase the perfect item with the Gift Card you buy her.You're helping her with her maternity wardrobe budget when you purchase a Gift Card for her. You offer her a chance to spoil her self without the associated guilt. You choose the value of the gift card that you believe will make her day. Whether it is her first pregnancy or her fourth, she will love to have a special new fashionable maternity outfit to add to her existing wardrobe. Lets face it, every woman loves a new addition to her wardrobe and pregnant women are no different!