About Us

Seven Women's Story:

"So what's with the name" you ask? I'll tell you at the end. Just remember we are ranked as the best Maternity Store in Toronto


You're thrilled to be pregnant!

Maybe a little scared about what lies ahead.

Not feeling yourself, inside and out!


We can't help you with the inside stuff, but we can definitely make you feel better throughout the journey of your ever changing body.

Remember: You're the Same Women, just with New Curves.

If you're looking for maternity fashion, with the same quality,fit and tailoring as you usual wear, then Welcome to Seven Women. Dressing your ever changing body can be made easier with the right selection of clothing that fits and flatters you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Our collection is huge and caters to a wide variety of fashion taste and budgets.

Why choose Seven Women? Want expert advice on what to expect and what you'll need in your maternity wardrobe – this is our specialty, since 2002. We understand the change your body will experience, andwe understand how to fit, we know the fabrics you prefer, the texture, stretch-ability, and wear-ability. We know you're budget is limited and we'll show you how to make the most of a limited budget.

Looking for brand name maternity? How about the very popular Isabella Oliver and Seraphine! And the tried and true maternity fashion specialists: Olian, Ripe and Maternal America to name a few. Seven Women has them all and boasts the largest selection of dresses for everyday and special occasions.

A Denim Buffet! Seven Women also boasts the largest selection of Denim from much loved designers:

Citizen's of Humanity, Paige, JBrand, 7 For all Mankind and Maternal America.

Our Maternity Fashion is more than just dresses and denim! We've got you covered, from T-shirt Chic, comfy casual, corporate exec, pleather leggings, supportive leggings and hosiery. Belly Bands and Belly Bandit accessories. And let's not forget, the very important bras to support your growing assets!

So What's in the name: Western Culture: Good Luck

If you're religious – this is a very favourable number!

It's the most mysterious, alluring character!

And like the Rose, It's just a name. A passing thought that stemmed from 7 pregnant women contemplating a better world, over a cup of coffee!

What the media has to say, here's a sample:

Today's Parent: "Seven Women sets the bar even higher for pregnancy couture."

Toronto Life: "Seven Women Maternity: Expectant Fashionistas can assemble an entire wardrobe…."

Rogers TV: "Seven Women Fashion Capital, when it comes to maternity wear."