Price Match Guarantee


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Buy with Confidence. If you find a lower price on an identical In-Stock item from your local retailer, we'll match their current selling price.

If you haven't bought the item yet and we can verify your request meets all conditions, we will discount your purchase on the spot, No need to wait for a refund.

How it works:

  • Price Match is available only with proof of current, local advertised retail price for identical items
  • The exact item must be available, in the exact size and colour, when our staff verifies with the other retailer
  • Can apply for Price Match Guarantee on previously purchased items, within 10 days
  • Priced in Canadian dollars, including shipping costs, duties and brokerage costs (don't forget for online we offer free shipping, this will be factored in)
  • Applies to Canadian physical stores and Canadian online retailers
  • We must be given the time to verify the competitors price and product availability

We do not Price Match:

  • Special orders
  • Items advertised with limited or minimum quantities available
  • Free or bonus offers, gift with purchase, liquidation or going-out of business
  • Previous purchases beyond 10 days
  • Unauthorized retailers: ebay, kijiji, etc
  • Excludes special pricing such as Black Friday (week), Cyber Monday, Boxing Day (Week), Sales Tax Promotion
  • Item cannot be combined with other offers

It's That Simple!

Any questions: Call us at 1-855-972-9679