Grandmother: Protective Factor for Child's Upbringing

Raising a child can be tough. While it is usually perceived as the responsibility of the parents, it’s often best to involve other members of your family, too—including the grandparents.

Studies show that a grandmother in particular is an important presence in a child’s growth and development. It certainly won’t hurt to let grandma take the kids once in a while. After all, she also went through maternity or motherhood, and she may be able to offer insights and advice that can help you care for your child.

Seven Women offers nursing and maternity clothes/dresses in Canada, and while we mostly celebrate mothers, we also look up to grandmothers who are involved in the upbringing of their grandkids. We agree that they play an important role in a child’s life.

Grandmas can give moms a helping hand

Motherhood is always challenging, whether you are raising your child alone or with help from your spouse. There is no shame in wanting a break to take care of your mental health. You can always count on grandma to look after your child while you go on a holiday.

This arrangement can help grandma, too, as spending time with small children is known to boost cognitive performance, reduce stress, and help strengthen the immune system in older adults. Bonding with children may even reduce the risk of depression in seniors.

Grandmas teach kids to respect tradition 

While it’s important to make new family traditions as your kids grow up, keeping the old ones is crucial, too. Grandmothers are very good at teaching children how to respect their heritage. Studies show that tradition helps children feel secure while providing them a sense of family identity.

Grandmas and grandkids teach each other

When children and grandparents spend time together, they can exchange knowledge. Grandmothers can teach kids life lessons and share stories about the family. They are excellent teachers who can also help their grandchildren learn basic skills and life hacks. But it goes both ways. Grandkids can teach their grandparents, too, helping them keep up with technology and all things hip and trendy.