Maternity Clothing – A Complete Buying Guide to Celebrating Your Pregnancy

You don’t have to wait until your bump starts to show before thinking about buying maternity clothes in Toronto. It’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute before doing any form of maternity shopping. While pregnancy can be a challenging time, it also something to be celebrated—and what better way to help your body cope with the many changes that pregnancy brings than dressing up for style and comfort?

When considering or reconsidering your maternity wardrobe, your own closet is a good place to start. Taking an inventory of the dresses and other items that you have will help you determine what other things you need to invest in as your bump begins to grow and show.

If you already have stretchy articles like yoga pants, leggings, tights, and casual skirts, you’ll find it easier to mix and match items and find pieces that go well with your existing collection. When shopping for maternity bottoms, the lower rise the cut is the better—although specialized designs also exist to provide ample support around your waist and belly. Whether you want full support or perhaps hate the sensation of anything on your stomach as your bump grows and becomes tendered, you always have a choice of low-rise bottoms or perhaps high-waist pants to suit your preference.

Maternity dresses are also great options if you want ultimate comfort and convenience. A lot of expectant moms in Toronto love the idea of having one piece of clothing that they can easily slip on and off as needed. Dresses are the types of clothes that effectively accommodate growing bumps and are easy to shape and style, regardless your build. Whichever stage you are in throughout your pregnancy, maternity dresses make great fashion choices as they are versatile and easy to wear.

However, it must be noted that stretchy non-maternity bottoms tend to damage, if you continue to wear them during your pregnancy stages. Also knits tend to stretch out, but never return to their original size. And in cold climatic regions, like Canada, most women prefer belly fitting bottoms, which keeps them warm and make them feel secure.   

Belly bands and stretchy supporters like spandex belts are also great accessories to invest in if you want to keep using your favorite pants and keep them up while they remain unbuttoned. They are also useful during transitional periods like post-partum weeks when your maternity clothes may no longer fit you but regular clothes remain too small or too uncomfortable to wear.