Seven Women's "eFashion Consultant" Appointments

Not everyone is a fashion enthusiast, some people prefer to wear the first piece of clothing they find at the first store they visit. They just want to be comfortable and live easily. If you are one of those people, you should also consider getting more involved in the fashion world! You will be surprised at how the right clothing among the right accessories can transform the way you look and feel- we can guarantee that!

The task of dressing comfortable and yet fashionable gets harder when you’re pregnant!

For pregnant women, the ability to move freely is their first priority when they are searching for new maternity clothes. But, what if we told you there are fashion experts available that can help you dress fashionable and comfortable at the same time?

Seven Women offers complimentary eFashion Consultant appointments. This includes:

1. A consultation from a pregnancy fashion expert who will advise you on which pieces of clothing and accessories to choose, according to the occasion, pregnancy duration, and style you're looking for

2. For example: if you are looking to have a corporate image (because you recently got the position you have dreamed of so much and you want to give a professional image to your new colleagues), our experts can definitely guide you towards items that will match this look

3. We provide our online consultations through online platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, or another online platform at your convenience.

4. Review of pieces of clothing that may interest you based on other pieces you have already liked.

5. Our fashion consultant will review pieces of clothing based on the availability of our inventory and pieces of clothing you have already purchased or liked. We can mix and match clothing pieces you already love and give it that extra flare.

Note: The distance does not prevent our experts from offering you a consultation for the best quality image transformation. It will help if you provide important physical details such as months of pregnancy, height, weight, and the measurement of your back, hip, and chest. This will make our experts' consultation advice even more accurate.

Alternatively, if you prefer to come into our store, we are now open with post Covid strategies in place. You can read more about what we are doing to protect our staff and customers here.

Don’t hesitate and reach out to us to book your eFashion consultation appointment. Send us a message at or give us a call at Toll-Free: +1-855-972-9679 or Local : +1-416-949-6687. Allow us to help you look and feel your best!