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Now Open Safely - Our In-store COVID strategy!

We are opening our store Wednesday to Sunday's (hours slightly modified) as we begin to return to normal.

In this post-pandemic environment we are employing the following strategies in our physical store: 

  • Limited persons in store as per Government restrictions.                
  • For those wanting a dedicated, one family in-store appointment, please call ahead to arrange this one-on-one session.
  • All customers must wear face coverings, mask, or a similar alternative.
  • Customer service becomes mandatory:  customers point to styles they wish to try on and staff will retrieve the items; customers explain what they are looking for and staff will retrieve additional styles in the appropriate size; once these items have been handled by a customer and not purchased, these items will be removed from the store-front and isolated for 48 hours before being made available in the store again.
  • Staff will wear PPE.
  • Disinfecting change rooms after each customer use and wipe down of counter, credit card terminal, etc will be carried out.

Thank You For Your Continued Support And Well Wishes!