The Complete Guide to Maternity Belly Bands According to Experts

Your belly is growing, and your skirts, shorts, and pants are not quite fitting properly anymore. Should you throw them out? Definitely not. Maternity belly bands are here to the rescue. Leave the buttons and zip are undone in just slip on a belly band to hold up your bottoms and hide the fact that they are undone. Problem solved! A belly band provides instant support and comfort while letting you wear your regular clothes as your bump grows.

How it works

Belly bands are among the many types of coverage and support garments available for pregnant and new moms. They’re sometimes called maternity bands or belly sleeves. These tube-like garments are worn around the belly to cover and zipped or unbuttoned pants and therefore extend the life of maternity clothing. They also provide coverage to areas that may become exposed as your baby bump expands.

Some maternity bands are designed to provide mild compression, giving the hips and lower back some support. They come in many different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of the best ones feature rubber or elastic trims to keep them from bunching up.

Do you really need a belly band?

Belly bands are not necessary, but they are certainly useful. The right belly band can make maternity dressing so much easier. It can also make you look trendy by letting you achieve a fashionable layered look without the actual layers.

Some belly bands are not just made for fashion but also for support. Whether or not you need one depends on factors like how your baby sits, your overall core strength, posture, ligament laxity, etc. Some maternity bands can relieve strain or pain in the pelvis, belly, and back.

Overall, even minimal-support belly bands can make daily activities like walking or doing chores a little bit easier. They can also be used even after pregnancy. Many women find it comfortable to wear belly bands during the first few postpartum months while they readjust back to their pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

Where do you get a trendy belly band in Canada?

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