Tips to Choose the Best Maternity Belt Band

Your body changes when you are pregnant to support your growing baby, and as it does, you are likely to experience pain on your pelvis, core, and lower back. Don’t worry—this doesn’t mean that you have to stop moving entirely. With the right maternity belly band, you can still continue doing the things you always do.

Also known as a belly band or maternity support brace, it is designed to wrap around your pregnant belly like a belt while providing support to specific areas and ensuring proper distribution of the baby’s weight, so you can experience pain relief and comfort. Here are tips to help you pick the best maternity belly bands in Toronto:

Make sure you are ready for it – The best time to purchase a maternity belly band in Canada is when you are your fourth month of pregnancy. This is usually the period where the tummy increases in size rapidly, and you might even notice the first stretch marks appearing.

Identify the material – The band is considered a medical device and it should be made of durable and soft materials to make it comfortable to wear for extended periods. Choose breathable fabrics or materials. Some models have an elastic insert that fits on top of your stomach, and it may help prevent or at least minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

Know the types – A maternity belly band in Toronto is either a bandage waist or a universal maternity belly band. The former resembles an elastic bandage and provides support. It comes with side flaps that make it adjustable. It is designed to be worn over your underwear. The universal type is made with rubberized fabric, designed to wrap around you like a belt, and fastened with a stickum. The belt’s widest part strengths your back to distribute the weight and the narrow area supports your tummy underneath.

Consider your future use – When you give birth, you may still use a universal maternity belly band to hold your belly and support the back. However, you have to wear it the other way around, with the wide part for the belly and the narrow area for back support.

Finally, buy from the right store. Buy maternity belt bands only from a trusted retailer in Canada—preferably a store that specializes in maternity wear in Toronto. Some stores offer free shipping and return when you meet certain purchase requirements or conditions.