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225 products

After childbirth, a young mother needs to update her wardrobe: her body size begins to decrease, and a breast-feeding process requires some special clothing. However, it is quite inconvenient to take off a blouse or a turtleneck during breast-feeding. Moreover, what if a baby wants to eat while taking a walk, what to do then? Bathrobe and sport jackets with zippers are also not an option. However, there is a solution! Designers are constantly creating entire collections of clothing for breastfeeding women. These models emphasize the beauty of young mothers and at the same time are convenient for breastfeeding. Nursing tops are one of the most important additions to your wardrobe for the months after you give birth. They offer you amazing style, comfort, and support, all while making nursing more convenient and private. These tops are great additions to your post-pregnancy wardrobe and, unlike the nursing tops of the past, they come in all of today’s hottest trends and styles. Nursing tops are equipped with special slits that are easy to undo and that provide the baby with access to the breast. This is convenient, since a young mother does not have to get undressed to feed the baby. When creating such nursing tops, manufacturers make use only of non-allergic, retaining-excellent-appearance-for-a-long-time fabric. For the entire period of breastfeeding you will be OK with just a few types of garments. But, perhaps you will love those bright and comfortable outfits so much that you will want to treat yourself even more and select clothes for every day, as joy and positive emotional state of a young mother directly affects the mood and health of her baby!

Types of Nursing Tops in Toronto: 

1) Having a Cut Under Breasts: The upper part of the garment (of T-shirts, dresses) is untuck and the breast is released. This is an ideal design of clothes for nursing mothers, which is especially very easy to use for home and sleep. It is opened (lifted) with a flick of your wrist.

2) Having Slits For Feeding: The most stealthy secret for feeding as it is securely hidden with a top layer of a blouse fabric. It would be the best for mothers with established lactation, when the breast is not exposed to strong fluctuations in volume. The slot diameter for feeding does not change. Here you should pay some attention to the size of such a nursing top: it should not be too small or too big and the location of the slit should also be convenient for you. Just remember we are ranked as the best Maternity Store in Toronto.

3) Having a Double-Layer Feeding Secret: Such nursing tops imply a combination of two layers in the clothing fabric. The bottom layer is folded (raised) opening the part of the breast necessary for feeding. It is a great choice for the entire period of breastfeeding.

4) Having Hidden Zippers: A hidden zipper on both sides is actually invisible. It allows opening a slot for feeding to a comfortable zone. It is perfect for a period of formation of lactation and for the subsequent breast-feeding period. What’s more, it is ideal for moms with large breasts. On our web site, we offer everything from unbelievably comfortable and soft silk nursing bras to reversible nursing shawls and everything in between.Some of the most popular items include nursing tops with wrap styles that allow you to simply undo one side of your top, nurse your baby, and then get right back to business without missing a beat. They are stylish and       comfortable enough to fit your post-pregnancy curves, and thanks to their high-quality material and design, they will carry you through all of your nursing years. Finally, for those who want the ultimate in comfort, we also offer stretch singlets that double as both maternity and nursing tops. They come in a variety of colors, and the ruched sides make them perfect for wearing alone or under your favorite tops. In addition, when some cold periods     such as autumn or winter are on their way, it is wise not to delay and get some maternity jackets and coats too!