Autumn Fashion Tips for Moms-To-Be by Style Experts

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to the usual maternity clothes like leggings, cozy sweaters, stretchy jeans, and sweatpants or sweatshirts. And no—you don’t have to always wear oversized dresses that made you feel like you’re wearing a tent. Being pregnant doesn’t mean looking frumpy and wearing unflattering maternity dresses. There are a lot of stylish options that will make you want to upgrade your wardrobe this autumn. Style experts share some key pieces to get when you buy online maternity clothes:


Cardigans are versatile garments you can wear indoors or outdoors. They’re cozy and can polish your look, even if you feel like you’re wearing a plain top and bottom. What’s more, they don’t really look like maternity clothes; in fact, you can wear them well after you give birth. If you want something timeless, get a cardigan in a basic colour like navy or dark blue, which you can easily match with any outfit.

Stretchy pants

Invest in a pair of high-quality dark jogger jeans that will look flattering with striped or patterned tops and booties. They also go well with a strong-shaded shirt and denim jacket.

Boot-cut pants

No matter your shape, boot-cut jeans or pants should look good on you. They are versatile while ensuring a polished look when matched with any shirt and other tops or cover-ups in your wardrobe. Consider medium-wash jeans you can easily pair with any tee and a cardigan.

Flowy maxi dresses

Maxi maternity dresses epitomize a no-nonsense style with a hint of sophistication. Choose a cotton maxi dress if the weather is still fairly warm so you can stay cool, then wear your favourite cardigan when it gets chilly.

Denim jackets

Like the cardigan, the denim coat or jacket is a versatile cover-up you’ll love to wear in autumn. It goes well with all maternity clothes, including your favourite graphic tees and maternity dresses.


These are versatile accessories you can wear around your neck for extra warmth or around your head to hide a bedhead, especially when you’re in a hurry. Consider picking scarves with a fun print or neutral colours, and mix and match them with your outfits.