Feeling & Emotions: Involvement of Grandma's-to-be in Mom-to-Be's Care

Is your daughter expecting? Pregnancy and taking care of a newborn can be extremely challenging even for those who have done it many times before. From morning sickness to doctor visits, the nine-month journey can be stressful. And when the baby is born, new challenges await: Parents have to keep up with the housework and keep their baby healthy and fed, all while being sleep deprived.

As a grandmother, you naturally want to help your daughter out in any way you can. Here are practical ways to make this major life change a bit easier:

  1. Help her shop for maternity clothing

Buying baby and mom-to-be goodies can be a good bonding experience for you and your daughter. She will surely appreciate having you by your side as she shops for maternity dresses, nursing tops, and other pregnancy essentials she will need while she’s expecting and after she gives birth.

Make it feel like a special day. Visit a maternity clothing boutique in Toronto together and then have afternoon tea afterwards. It’s going to be harder to find time for special days like this once the baby arrives.

  1. Feed her and her family.

Prepare frozen meals and casseroles and put them in your daughter’s fridge so that there is always a home-cooked meal ready. Can’t cook? Food delivery gift cards will also do the trick. Don’t forget to sneak in some sweet indulgences in there. While moms do need to eat healthy as much as possible, they certainly deserve a doughnut every once in a while.

  1. Help with the housework.

Is your daughter finding it increasingly difficult to move around as her belly grows bigger? She will surely appreciate your help with household chores. And after she gives birth, perhaps you can come over to deal with the dirty dishes or the laundry. Helping her family with the housework can really free up her physical and mental energy, so she can heal and bond with the baby.

  1. Help with the other kids.

Does your daughter have older children? Perhaps you can help them keep their routine. Take the older kids to school or pick them up. You can also take your older grandkids on play dates so that your daughter can have some time for herself.

  1. Learn to be there without overstepping your boundaries. 

Many new moms feel lonely are isolated. Let your daughter know that you’re there for her during this chaotic time. You don’t have to do anything special; just visit with coffee and hold the baby while she takes a shower.

That said, it’s important to step back if you sense that your daughter and her family need space. Honor their boundaries. Don’t drop by unannounced. If you want them to know that you’re thinking about them, just send a quick ‘I am here for you’ message, but respect their space otherwise.

Feeling & Emotions: Involvement of Grandma's-to-be In Mom-to-be's Care