Maternity Belly Band: Know How It Supports Your Lower Back and Abdomen

Belly bands are flexible support garments that can hold the abdomen and lower back area during pregnancy. This added support is something that many women need especially during their second and third trimesters. Here’s how belly bands work:

A belly band can relieve pain

Pains and aches during pregnancy are quite common. In fact, up to 71% of pregnant women experience lower back pain, and 65% experience pelvic girdle pain. Some moms-to-be also report sacroiliac joint pain adjacent to the tailbone from the increase of relaxing hormones that cause their hip joints to become less stable. Many women experience round ligament pain in their second trimester, too. This condition can cause sharp pains below the belly in front of the hip, and it’s caused by pressure on the uterus-supporting ligaments.

Do you have these pregnancy aches? Are they frustrating and debilitating enough to keep you from working or participating in regular everyday activities? Wearing a belly band during your pregnancy may help decrease your pain by supporting your lower back while you move. These garments can distribute the weight of your baby across your abdomen and your back, relieving pressure on certain pain points and reducing your discomfort.

A belly band can help you exercise

You wouldn’t go for a jog without a proper sports bra, right? Well, your belly can use some support, too. Belly bands can gently compress your tummy area to help hold your uterus during physical activity. With this supportive maternity garment, you can stick to a healthy exercise routine during pregnancy and decrease your risk of hypertension, diabetes, and even depression. The regular workouts can also help you build endurance and muscle tone in preparation for giving birth and the many challenges of nursing a baby.

Be careful, though. Too much abdominal compression can impair circulation, affect your blood pressure, and cause indigestion and heartburn. It’s important to buy the right belly band size so that this doesn’t happen.

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