Our Picks for the New Season!

Pregnancy is one of the most fulfilling stages of a woman’s life. But let’s face it—dressing for a baby bump can be difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your sense of style just because you’re expecting. A trusted maternity clothing shop like Seven Women can offer you a curated selection of designer maternity pieces you will be proud to wear long after you’ve given birth.

Are you itching to see the latest maternity dresses we have in stock? Here are some of our online maternity store’s best picks for the season:

  • Lee Stripe two-piece set

Spending a casual weekend with your loved ones? Stay comfortable with the Lee Stripe two-piece set! This maternity piece comes with a fitted tank dress with a side seam split and a long-sleeved top, perfect for both hot summers and cold winter nights.

  • Sophia pleated dress

Attending a friend’s baby shower or engagement party? You can spice things up with the Sophia pleated dress in navy blue. This elegant maternity dress is inspired by Kate Middleton’s look while visiting Scotland, featuring a full A-line pleated skirt and a fitted sleeveless bodice.

  • Alexa Classic pant

Of course, you can’t spend the next nine months wearing only skirts and dresses. If you want to spend a lazy day at work or meet your friends for coffee, why not sport a pair of Alexa Classic maternity pants? This soft work bottom is made with stretchable woven fabric and a relaxed straight leg to enhance your comfort.

  • Maldives swimsuit

Want to stay stylish for the summer? You can flaunt your baby bump at the beach with the Maldives pregnancy swimsuit. This one-piece maternity bathing suit has a sexy open back and tangled palm embroidery to make you feel comfortable yet fashionable while swimming. And don’t worry—it comes with breast cups to protect and support your chest.

We have a variety of other maternity clothes for you, including the Serenity sleeveless knit dress, Isabella Oliver tank, and the Richie nursing top. Don’t hesitate to check out Seven Women’s online maternity store to find the perfect pieces for your closet.