Pregnancy in Summer: How to Keep Comfortable

Being pregnant is hard at any time of the year, but it can become especially uncomfortable during the summer months in Toronto. Your basal body temperature slightly rises when you are pregnant, and metabolic changes occurring during pregnancy also causes a slight rise in temperature. Taking the right precautions and wearing the right maternity clothes can help you stay cool. The right maternity clothing may also help improve your mood. 

Whether you are in your first, second, or third trimester in June, July, or August, or even in September, you might be concerned about your own health and the safety of your baby. Here are some ways to keep comfortable:

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water, preferably at least eight glasses daily (and more if you exercise). Staying hydrated helps regulate your body temperature while ensuring that your systems can work properly. It also replaces the fluids you are losing as you sweat.

Invest in Breathable Clothing

Wear lightweight maternity dresses and maternity pants that are made of breathable material like cotton. You might want to avoid tight-fitting clothing such as leggings for now. You may also opt for breezy bottoms such as maternity skirts and maternity shorts especially when you are going out. Nursing tops that you can easily loosen while indoors may be practical to keep cool indoors, too.

Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

If you must go outside, spend more time in the shade and have some protective gear with you, such as a wide-brimmed hat or an umbrella. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn!


Swimming can be a great maternity exercise and it also keeps you cool. It may help you maintain your ideal weight for pregnancy without putting pressure on your back and joints. Just remember to do it with caution and stop if you feel exhausted.

Choose healthier foods

Make sure you are feeding yourself and your baby with plenty of healthy fats and protein-rich foods. These will support your health through the summer, too.

Take frequent shower

Showering frequently could help you cool down when it’s difficult to stay cool indoors. You might also want to change into fresh maternity clothes when the ones you wore have become sweaty and uncomfortable.