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Maternity Casual Chic Tops

Casual maternity tops offer an important versatility to a woman's maternity wardrobe. They shouldn't consist of your husband's old t-shirts, but rather a top that is made for the pregnant figure, made from soft and very comfortable fabrics, that can grow with the expanding mom's belly, yet keep her looking chic. Casual maternity tops that expecting women want to wear are not ill fitting, oversized garbage-bag-like tops that women use to wear generations ago. Demi Moore, change the perception of how we embrace pregnancy when she posed on the cover of Vanity Fair: Demi Moore on the August 1991 Vanity Fair cover was a controversial handbra nude photograph of the then seven-months pregnant Demi Moore. The cover has had a lasting societal impact.While we are not suggesting you have to bare it all to be ultra chic, consider investing in quality casual maternity tops that have staying power. Remember, if it feels good on and it looks good on you, you're going to feel so much better about the new curves your pregnancy brings on. You can't fight the change, but you can look great.If you think casual maternity tops should be cheap, well the old expression applies: You get what you pay for. Cheap maternity clothes won't last the duration of your current pregnancy, neither will it flatter you. Good quality basics will last multiple pregnancies and will likely require a smaller maternity budget over two or more pregnancies.You will be washing your casual maternity clothes more frequently because you will wear them more often. This is logical. Fill your maternity wardrobe with great casual tops, including cutie, edgy maternity tops. Now is your time to have fun with a new, albeit smaller wardrobe.