Maternity Clothes in Calgary

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Maternity Clothes: Calgary women who wish to remain fashionable while they are expecting choose maternity clothes from Seven Women. We offer a wide range of styles to provide you with clothes that are stylish and help you look your best.

Pregnancy Clothing: Calgary women desire a wide range of pregnancy clothing to suit their busy lifestyles. Whether you desire a casual outfit for wearing around the house or career wear, you’ll find what you are looking for when you visit Seven Women.

Maternity Store: Here at Seven Women, our goal is to be the go-to maternity store for Calgary women who desire attractive maternity clothing. If your goal is to maintain your sense of fashion rather than simply covering your expanding belly, you’ll want to check out our collection.

Maternity Wear: There are three things Calgary women wish for in maternity wear: comfort, style, and affordability. You’ll find the maternity wear from Seven Women will provide you with all of these things.

Maternity Dresses: The maternity dresses from Seven Women look great with high heels, flats, or sandals, allowing Calgary women to wear them regardless of the occasion.

Maternity Tops: The maternity tops available from Seven Women are loose enough for comfort, yet still appear stylish and attractive. Calgary expectant mothers can enjoy wearing these tops during multiple seasons, as they are available in a variety of sleeve lengths.

Maternity Jeans: Finding the right maternity jeans to keep up with your active Calgary lifestyle is easy when you visit Seven Women. These jeans contain stylish features such as embroidered pockets and boot-cut legs, ensuring you can maintain your sense of style throughout your pregnancy.

Maternity Formal and Bridal Dresses: If you have a special occasion such as a formal Calgary dinner, dance, or wedding reception, one of the gowns in this collection from Seven Women would be perfect. These gowns will allow you to feel glamorous and beautiful regardless of what state of pregnancy you are in. Seven Women offers chic bridal maternity dresses for those Calgarian women celebrating two special occasions!

Maternity Pants: Calgary women who want to be comfortable and fashionable choose our maternity pants, which come in a wide assortment of colours and styles to suit every taste imaginable.

Maternity Sweaters: When Calgary temperatures begin to dip, it’s time to pull out one of the maternity sweaters in our collection. These sweaters are ideal for wearing with jeans, slacks, or skirts, and can even be layered for added versatility.

Maternity Coats: The extreme Calgary winters mean that expectant mothers must be prepared by having the right maternity coats. You’ll find plenty of styles in our collection are available to complement both casual and dressy outfits.

Maternity Jackets: For times when you need to knock the chill off of a cool Calgary day, one of our maternity jackets is a must. Expectant mothers should have one with them at all times to ensure they are always prepared for everything.

Maternity Skirts: Finding skirts that fit an ever-expanding belly, yet still have a sense of shape through the hips and legs is a challenge that numerous Calgary women have faced over the years. Fortunately, that challenge can easily be met with one of the maternity skirts available from Seven Women.

Maternity Nursing Tops and Bras: Why should pregnant Calgary women have to settle for stretchy undergarments that make them feel unattractive? Here at Seven Women, we provide attractive maternity lingerie to provide your spirits with a boost, helping you maintain your sense of femininity. Calgary women love our discrete and functional nursing tops that can be worn while they are pregnant too.